The membrane structure project is located in Xiaoshan Kaiyua

Project Introduction

The membrane structure project is located in Xiaoshan Kaiyuan Plaza Commercial Shopping Center. The whole project adopts skeleton dome structure with a roof diameter of 50 meters and a total area of ​​about 6,000 square meters. The roof system has clear and smooth veins and simple and powerful shape, which is intended to reflect the structure and materials themselves. Aesthetic, exquisite steel frame, white film, giving the building a high-tech and futuristic color. The dome is adorned with ETFE transparent film, which not only solves the problem of daylighting but also adds appreciation. The dome center solves the stability of the structure with a diameter of 12 steel cables, which greatly improves the utilization of the floor space. Overcoming the problem of large-span no-column construction of old buildings, the shopping citizens enjoyed a clean and relaxing space and became the outline of Xiaoshan city.