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Core Advantages

<1> Wanhao Powerful Design Team Ningbo Wanhao Space Structure Engineering Co., Ltd.
One Mind,Win the Future

Wanhao has a strong technical team, has a variety of design software, and independently develops a variety of design software and design tools to provide wanhao with efficient and powerful support in project technology implementation.  Wanhao has deep cooperation with many international architects in membrane structure and space structure, and has good cooperation and communicate with large domestic design institutes and universities.

Wanhao has successfully designed and constructed several large-scale domestic membrane structure landmark projects. Wanhao provide the most powerful and comprehensive design and technical consulting services. Wanhao providing technical consultation and implementing solutions, and has been highly valued by the membrane structure industry.

Design Steps

Program Design
Program Design

Wanhao is engaged in the design of steel membrane structures for a variety of applications, including architectural concepts, design, and technical consulting. Wanhao's designers, architects and product engineers will provide you with creative and imaginative design services.

Structural Design
Structural Design

Wanhao is engaged in the analysis of the overall force analysis of various steel membrane structures and their components, and the calculation of the force conditions under different working conditions, providing calculation results files and 3D solid modeling. According the design to provided calculation books, construction drawings and reaction data.

Developmemt Design
Developmemt Design

Wanhao is engaged in the overall optimization design of various steel membrane structures, and establishes BIM models to carry out various deepening work from material selection, connection method, node structure processing, painting process requirements,

Pattern Cutting Design
Pattern Cutting Design

Wanhao is engaged in accurate shape-finding analysis of various membrane structures and profiled membrane structures, water and snow film surface analysis, membrane strength and force analysis, and appearance shape simulation. According to calculation to get membrane expand drawing, typography and membrane blanking drawing.

<2> Integrated Processing Workshop of Steel and Membrane Membrane Processing Workshop Membrane Processing Workshop Membrane Processing Flow Chart Steel Processing Workshop Steel Processing Workshop Steel Component Processing Flow Chart
<3> Wanhao's Leading Construction and Installation Process
<4> Wanhao's Full Range of Customer Service Ningbo Wanhao Space Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. Ningbo Wanhao Space Structure Engineering Co., Ltd.
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