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ETFE Description


ETFE Foil is made of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene.

Features and benefits of ETFE 

Same pervious light effect with glass, but more security, more light, more flexible, more creative in style and energy saving effect, also has long life expectancy, good self-cleaning depend on anti-adhesive surface properties. 

ETFE membrane available in clear, matte, opaque white, and some limited colors.

Because of single material, So it divide class depend on thickness, as 150µm、200µm、250µm、300µm. The commonly used is 250µm and300µm. Manifestations can be single layered, multilayered etfe air pillow.

ETFE membrane applications range

ETFE membrane are widely used in all kinds of landmark building roofing system and façade decoration such as airport, railway satiation, city square landscape, commercial plaza. ETFE combine with LED light can make facilities very shiny and brilliant.

  • ETFE Transparent Membrane Structure
  • ETFE Transparent Membrane Structure
  • ETFE Transparent Membrane Structure
  • ETFE Transparent Membrane Structure
  • ETFE Transparent Membrane Structure
  • ETFE Transparent Membrane Structure
Classic Case
ETFE Roof Membrane Structure Project of Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium Project, the host venue of the 2023 Asian Cup
ETFE air cushion canopy steel structure and ETFE membrane structure air pillow film
Xi 'an Silk Road Tower ETFE membrane structure
Single Layer ETFE foil tensile structure for the university playground construction by WANHAO.
Bodo lightweight steel and tensile architecture project is one of Wanhao significan ETFE project
Mingyu Plaza 6 block Commercial (Wanda Plaza) Transformation Project steel film structure ETFE roofing curtain Project
Sanya ETFE two layer air cushion plus ETFE single layer cable support light weight ETFE canopy roof  tensile structure project
Changan Li shoppingmall ETFE air pillow steel membrane tensile structure project
Zunyi Highspeed railway station transportation  ETFE roofing canopy light weight space steel frame tensile structure project
Three Pavilions and One City ETFE Corridor Membrane Structure Project in Shenzhen Longgang
China and Latin America International Conference Center ETFE roofing Tensile Membrane Structure Project
Large Span ETFE Roofing Skylight Tensile Structure Project
Etfe Roof Sewage Tank membrane structure project in Golmud Industrial Park
The five-star bazaar steel etfe membrane structure project
ETFE air cushion roof  canopy project
Subway Station ETFE Roof Project
Wanhao ETFE two layers air cushion curtain wall tensile structure project
The Umbrella ETFE Membrane Structure Landscape project
ETFE film tensile architecture for commerical roofing
Dongqian Lake Ballroom ETFE Air Pillow Project
Recommended case
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