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Xi 'an Silk Road Tower ETFE membrane structure
ETFE Roof Membrane Structure Project of Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium Project, the host venue of the 2023 Asian Cup
Ruili International Sports and Sports Center construction project stadium house mask structure project
Bodosen Valley project atrium steel membrane structure engineering
Jiaxing Changan Li ETFE air pillow steel film structure ceiling project
Membrane structure project of Jiangdong New Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College
Wenyi Tangxi Jinmen canopy steel structure and ETFE membrane structure air pillow film project
Olympic Center Stadium steel and tensile  structure project
Sichuan happy coal reserve base construction project
Chongqing East Railway Station  membrane structure roofing project
Pingyang Sports Center ptfe membrane structure
Membrane structure roof project of Chongqing East Railway Station
Anji County Changshuo plot real estate development project steel structure awning project
ETFE membrane structure of wind and rain playground in Songjiang Campus of Shanghai University of Engineering Science
Wenzhou Huimin Road west green field steel film structure project
Steel Membrane Structure Project of Maliantan Desert Park in Dingbian, Shaanxi
Zhejiang True Love Carpet Industry Technology Co., LTD. Workshop three roof membrane structure project
Membrane structure transformation project of Training Center Training Base of State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power Co., LTD
Zhangye Olympic Sports Center Construction Project (EPC) the general contract of the stadium PTFE membrane structure professional subcontract project
Center film steel construction project of China and ASEAN special products gathering
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