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Membrane structure project of Hangzhou Asian Games baseball (soft) ball sports and cultural center
Taizhou Dabanqiao ETFE Air Pillow Sky Screen Project
Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center Phase I Conference Center B area PTFE membrane structure project
Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park steel membrane structure project
Membrane structure project of Sichuan Pengshan Training Base
Vietnam Airport ETFE intima project
Qatar Mosque ETFE Air pillow project
Australian tennis court building project
Steel Membrane Structure Project of Maliantan Desert Park in Dingbian, Shaanxi
Ningbo University of Nottingham Outdoor Sports field renovation and expansion project membrane structure engineering
Shaoxing International Convention and Exhibition Center C1 exhibition hall curtain wall grid membrane project
Renovation and Upgrading Project of Sunshade in North Gate Parking Lot of Ningbo University
PTFE mesh membrane structure project on the facade of the new factory building of Ningbo Yifuler Company
The first-stage oxidation ditch sealing upgrade project of Bozhou Sewage Treatment Plant
Umbrella-shaped ETFE membrane structure project in the 7# plot of Southeast Zhihui City
Changsha Guitang Sponge Demonstration Park Construction Project ETFE Membrane Structure Project
Steel Frame Membrane Shed Construction Project of Inner Mongolia Energy Great Wall Coal Preparation Plant
Shanghai-Tong Railway Zhangjiagang Station Local Supporting Project Butterfly Shaped Sky Screen Project in the Passenger Distribution Area on the West Side of t
Weihai Economic and Trade Exchange Center Project
Qingyuan Maglev Project Lianhu Station Steel Membrane Structure Project
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