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ZHA New Work — Xi'an International Football Center

Sep. 30, 2020

Recently, Zaha Hadid Architects announced a new rendering of the Xi’an International Football Center, which will provide venues for the AFC Asian Cup in 2023.

ZHA New Work — Xi'an International Football Center

Xi'an International Football Center covers an area of 280 mu, with a total construction area of 239,000 square meters, 60,000 seats, and includes two standard outdoor training fields. As a top professional sports complex, it contains six features:

Feature 1: Modern interpretation of Chinese culture

Xi’an is the ancient capital of the thirteen dynasties. The design incorporates the elements and symbols of the “Zhou, Qin and Han” high-rise buildings. Through the large-span eaves and the high columns, the content of Xi’an’s historical and cultural heritage is cleverly integrated into the design through modern and fashionable streamline The architectural language reinterpreted the long-standing Chinese culture.

Feature 2: Founder magnificent, dynamic and refined form design.

ZHA New Work — Xi'an International Football Center

It perfectly combines the square and magnificent features of Xi'an architecture with the dynamic, fashionable and vigorous features of a professional football field. The overall shape of the stadium is a solid and tough transition from the north side to the south side open and soft, cleverly combined with the external facade material structure, rigid and flexible.

Feature 3: Double-layer cable net and large-span rooftop

In the plan, an innovatively proposed ring-shell steel structure metal roof and a double-layer two-way cable net roof structure. The upper and lower two-way cable nets provide the tensile boundary of the roof membrane structure, which greatly reduces the amount and complexity of the secondary structure. degree. The ring shell structure greatly improves the space rigidity, stability and the efficiency of structural materials.

Feature four: immersive experience, super visual infield design

Classic saddle shape, immersive stand design, ventilated and heated professional anchor lawn, surround three-dimensional acoustic design, colorful lighting, ultra-high-definition large screen will provide fans with a perfect watching experience.

Feature 5: Night view of the axis of the colorful light show

The lighting design changes according to the requirements of non-competitions and different competition activities, is coordinated with the changes in the facade material, and is full of vitality and futuristic sense, creating a beautiful large-axis architectural lighting show.

Feature 6: A sustainable football complex after the game

ZHA New Work — Xi'an International Football Center

The stadium creates a flexible and spacious top-level platform, providing value space for a variety of commercial operations. After the game, it can attract citizens to stop and take a long view and participate in various cultural, sports and commercial activities here.

The design plan of Xi'an International Football Center has been highly affirmed and recognized by the AFC and Asian preparations.

Project information:

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)

Designer: Patrick Schumacher (Patrik Schumacher)

ZHA Project Director: Charles Walker, Nils Fischer

Location: Xi'an, Shaanxi

This article is reproduced from: Tencent News Client from the media

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