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What is anti-hanging film? How should a sewage tank reverse hanging membrane structure company choose?

Jan. 12, 2021

  What is anti-hanging film? How should a sewage tank reverse hanging membrane structure company choose? Regarding these issues, I believe that those who are interested in the anti-hanging membrane structure project want to know. The anti-hanging membrane is a polyester fiber material, which is often used to make the anti-hanging membrane structure to deal with the pollution problem of waste odor gas in the sewage tank. With the improvement of the types and quality of anti-hanging membranes, the use rate of anti-hanging membrane materials in various industries is increasing, especially for the deodorization of sewage tank waste gas.


  The anti-hanging film consists of two parts: base cloth and coating. Relying on its strong tensile capacity, it is used to make the sewage tank anti-hanging membrane structure. The sewage tank body is covered and used, which breaks through the linear design concept of traditional structural buildings and reveals the curved design characteristics of the anti-hanging membrane structure design. Undoubtedly, it is a modern structural design with novel structure and beautiful shape.

The reason why the anti-hanging membrane structure is widely used is inseparable from its own distinctive features:

  First of all, the anti-hanging membrane structure is made of high-strength low-yarn polyester yarn, which has high-strength tensile performance, tear resistance, excellent anti-fouling ability, and can prevent PVC from aging;

  Secondly, the anti-hanging film is cured by UV light, which has outdoor durability, and can well prevent strong light from entering the coated substrate, and improve the anti-aging ability of organic materials;

  Finally, the anti-hanging film adopts high-quality low-yarn and high-density polyester yarn, combined with high-efficiency anti-mold additives, which can completely eliminate the mold and shedding caused by side leakage.

  After understanding the anti-hanging membrane, let's look at how to choose a sewage pond anti-hanging membrane structure company. Choosing the reverse-hanging membrane structure company for the sewage pond mainly follows the following principles.

1. Good qualifications!

  The qualification mentioned here does not only refer to the company’s business license and organization code certificate, but the industry’s certification qualifications. The membrane structure industry has two special certification qualifications, one is the membrane structure design qualification, and the other is the membrane structure construction qualification. There are three levels, the first level is the highest (our Wanhao space structure is the first-level qualification for general contracting). What needs special attention here is that some companies may turn steel structures into membrane structures. These companies often have steel structure qualifications, but they do not have special membrane structure qualifications. There is a big difference between steel structure and membrane structure in the design. When the membrane structure is designed, more consideration should be given to the load on the membrane surface (wind load, snow load) to make the optimal design of the steel structure to ensure the stability of the entire structure under severe weather, because the steel structure company is designing Sometimes such capabilities are often not available, so the quality of the entire membrane structure cannot be guaranteed.

工程总承包一级 副本.JPG

  The second is that the installation of membrane structures requires more precision than traditional steel structures. Without a skilled installation team, the installation effect is often not guaranteed. Qualified membrane structure companies generally have professional and experienced teams. There are no such worries, and the important thing is said three times: When choosing a company, you must reject the three-no enterprise and the leather bag company! ! ! Many of these companies are guerrillas, selling at one go, and disrupting the market at low prices. In fact, the owners pay the bill in the end. Remember to remember! If a company's quotation is very low, then you have to be careful, because when designing a regular membrane structure company, the amount of steel used will consider extreme weather conditions, and the materials used are real, and these companies do not need to consider these at all. Remember this sentence What you pay for what you pay for, the ancestral motto of our ancestors cannot be wrong.

2. There are many real cases

  Whether a membrane structure awning company is good or not, the membrane structure engineering case can best explain the problem. The eyes of the masses are discerning. Many of the tensile membrane structure industry is spread by word of mouth. Do a project in one place, if the effect is good , Good quality, good service, then this place will often have several projects at once, so when you choose, you must ask the other party to provide real cases, and you must identify them. Many companies now take other people’s cases as their own. Just copy a few pictures online and say that they are self-made cases. This is actually easy to identify. If it is a real case, then there will be a lot of pictures and design drawings. , Renderings, construction drawings, completion acceptance drawings, if the other party can only take out a picture after completion, 90% of them are fake cases. The case can be said to be the most true embodiment of a company’s strength.


The third point is that the company is big!

  A formal sewage pond anti-hanging membrane structure company generally has its own processing plant, design team, pre-sales and after-sales service team. The processing plant must have CNC machine tools, spraying equipment, membrane processing and testing equipment, etc., and the design team must be equipped with professional Membrane structure design software (these software needs to be authorized, very expensive), and then depends on whether the pre-sales and after-sales team is professional, etc. If possible, it is best to go to the other company to inspect it in person. Seeing is believing. When choosing, try to choose a company with a large scale, so that your rights and interests can be beneficially protected. These large companies often value their reputation, so they have higher requirements for quality and service.


  The above is a detailed introduction of what is the anti-hanging membrane and how to choose the sewage tank anti-hanging membrane structure company. I hope it can help everyone. If you have any other questions about the structure of the tensile membrane, you can contact Wanhao. Wanhao, a professional membrane structure company, is sure to give you a satisfactory answer.

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