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"Build" force sports power! Xiangyang National Sports Center made a stunning appearance!

Apr. 11, 2024

"Jade Ruyi" lying Xiangfan land, Chu Yun ingenuity to expand the space of happiness. Recently, the Xiangyang National Sports Center project undertaken by the eighth Bureau of China Construction was fully completed, of which the PTFE membrane structure of the stadium roof was constructed by Wanhao.

Xiangyang National Sports Center project is located in Dongjin New District, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, with a total construction area of about 137,000 square meters, including a standard 33,000 Class B medium-sized stadium, with 9 400-meter international standard running tracks, natural turf sports venues and standard swimming pools. Includes athlete recording area, referees, media

The athletes' lounge, VIP private room, spectator bathroom, commercial facilities, etc., is the largest public fitness sports place in Xiangyang City, which can undertake the most projects.

Chuyun heritage, expand the national sports "radius of happiness", Xiangyang National Sports Center project with "Chuyun heritage, mountains and water hug" as the design concept, is committed to creating "walking between the mountains and rivers" national sports space. The overall design aims to integrate the city with the natural environment and create a natural landscape pattern with regional characteristics. The architectural facade is shaped like a floating sash, which is in line with Xiangcheng Hanshui culture. It uses the beauty of architecture to realize the deep integration of culture and modernity. With the mountain as the bone and the water as the soul, it creates a sports space with rich layers and changeable space. In order to avoid the feeling of oppression, the lobby space of the gym is a two-storey double-height, with a height of 13 meters, which is illuminated by a combination of lamps full of artistic atmosphere. The sports shape aluminum square grid on the wall indicates the theme of the building's national fitness movement.

Through the lobby, the oncoming gym walkway is bright and wide, with a net width of 7.7 meters. The overall aluminum square ceiling is adopted, and strip lights are set regularly at a interval of 3.2 meters to increase the sense of space rhythm. The walls of the walkway are painted with vibrant orange paint, adding a lively charm to the walkway.

Across time and space, craftsmen build the beauty of "the integration of ancient and modern", with the completion of the project construction on schedule, a grand set of traditional hollow carving art and modern construction technology organic combination of sports venues appeared. The overall shape of Xiangyang National Sports Center project is like "jade Ruyi", and the huge steel structure shape can change with the height and span of the roof, showing a dynamic vision.

The stadium roof adopts PTFE membrane structure, and the sky light diffuses through the awning to create a rich light and shadow level. The translucent visual effect can eliminate the sense of oppression brought by the huge volume, and the blurred boundary between the sky is more hazy and light, forming a sense of lightness and breathing.

In the process of construction, the construction of the steel structure of the stadium belongs to the part of high technical difficulty and long time. According to the national standard design of Class B medium-sized venues, the roof truss adopts a large cantilet-shaped structure, and the curve of the metal roof changes evenly with the main stand, and the spatial precision positioning requirements of the truss are very high during installation.

In order to solve this problem, when the project is hoisting trusses in segments, the total station instrument is first used to accurately position the support frame, set up the support frame, adjust and retest the support points, attach the reflector plate at the end of the truss, and set up the wind rope to facilitate the traction personnel, and adjust the air attitude and direction of the truss.

The new technology developed in the process of installation of Y-shaped steel structure won the first prize of the activity achievement competition of the Engineering Construction Quality Management Group of China Construction Industry Association, and also provided new technical support for the construction of regional sports venues in Xiangyang and even Hubei.

Technology leads the digital management level to be upgraded, and the lifting task of large steel components of the project steel structure is heavy. The construction technology of steel structure is difficult, and there are many curved structures. The project uses the digital technology management system to carry out the deepening design of steel structure and complex joints by using Tekla, and the deepening results are used in factory processing and on-site installation

It effectively solves the construction problems such as visualization of complex joints of steel structure and reservation and embedment of collision inspection for structural and hydropower majors.

For the complex pipeline installation of the stadium, BIM deepening technology was adopted to rearrange more than 150,000 square meters of professional mechanical and electrical integrated pipelines. Through the force analysis and net height analysis of the support, the model specifications and layout of the pipeline installation supports were accurately calculated, and the actual net height of each room was simulated for hardcover ceiling design. Effectively solve the problems of high integrated pipeline layout and deepening design and construction.

Low-carbon construction "walking between mountains and rivers", in order to further realize the wisdom, humanization and characteristics of the venue, in addition to beautiful atmosphere, the team also fully integrated scientific and technological elements and green environmental protection concept in the details. The project actively responds to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, and uses a large number of green energy-saving advanced technology products in the aspects of power supply and distribution, water supply and drainage, and intelligence of the venue. The non-electric lighting system is set up in the venue, combined with the characteristics of "0 energy consumption, 0 emission, 0 stroboscopic, 0 maintenance", and more than 90% of harmful ultraviolet rays are filtered through efficient collection of sunlight and natural light. While saving energy costs, it is converted into a uniform and soft light, which can make the personnel in the stadium free from strong light interference and ensure that all kinds of large-scale activities and sports events are not affected.

The content of this article comes from the eighth Bureau of China Construction

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