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Ruili International Cultural and Sports Center is under intense construction, and the "flower of the prosperous world" is about to bloom

May. 30, 2024

On May 30, "Ruili International Cultural and Sports Center" was in full swing, and the steel structure construction of large-span special-shaped space was under way. The "flower of the prosperous world" is blooming.

In addition to holding large-scale events in the province, the International Sports and Sports Center's century project positioning will drive the improvement of urban living environment such as regional transportation, urban greening, and social infrastructure, and promote the development of the region and even the city.

City | Ruili International Cultural and Sports Center era

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As the "number one project" of Dehong Prefecture, it is a sports center with full functions and large scale in western Yunnan. Ruili International Cultural and Sports Center, with a total investment of 984 million yuan, is classified as "B" class standard (it can hold provincial and national individual competitions and international exchange activities and events, etc.). The project covers a land area of 248.42 mu, with a total construction area of 109,462.14 square meters, including a stadium, comprehensive gymnasium, library, cultural center and art museum with a capacity of 20,000 people.

In the fture, it will be used as the main place for sports training, national fitness, emergency refuge, large-scale cultural and sports activities, sports events, border trade, and cultural exchanges, by holding large-scale sports competitions, entertainment and business activities for China and Myanmar, and even South Asia and Southeast Asia. Cultural and sports activities such as the China-Myanmar Ruili and Musi International Marathon, the Belt and Road Sports Games for the Disabled, the China-Myanmar Water Festival, the China-Myanmar Border Fair, the Beer Festival, and the China-Myanmar Music Festival play an important role in strengthening border cultural exchanges and cooperation in an all-round way and promoting the "pauk-phaw" friendship between China and Myanmar.






Ruili International Cultural and Sports Center "One venue, Two Venues"

The city's major livelihood facilities are enough to change the temperament of a region. It has a profound and long-term impact on the development direction of the city. Therefore, the design details of the International Cultural and sports Center echo the characteristics of the city itself.

Ruili International Sports and Sports Center, using the "lotus" shape, with light PTFE membrane structure into lotus petals as a form of expression, forming a group of unified and orderly, rhythm of rich changes in the shape, located in the north side of the stadium sports training hall and natatorium are like lotus leaves, naturally fluttering, from a distance the stadium is like a Ruili river blooming water lily.

With the theme of "One River circulation", the water system that originates from the northeast corner and circulates around the entire planned land, like Ruili River, flows from a murmuring stream to an open river, blending the cultural "river" and the landscape "river" of the design, further reflecting the characteristics of Ruili as the source of regional culture.

Ruili International Cultural and Sports Center

Area | The development of Nongmo Lake area

Nongmo Lake area where Ruili International Cultural and Sports Center is located, relying on the cultural and sports center and Ruili Composite Industrial Zone, it has become a new urban home field of Ruili.

640 (2).jpg

640 (3).jpg

To build a platform for economic, trade and cultural exchanges between China and Myanmar, promote the high-quality development of Dehong Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone and expand the construction of Dehong's border opening up, and accelerate the construction of Ruili Free Trade Zone and international port city with high quality. The above goals are all based on the direction of building an important starting point and main platform for opening up to the outside world. It is the center of gravity of Ruili city development in the future.

With the birth of the International Cultural and Sports Center, it promotes the re-reconstruction of Ruili's urban texture, industrial structure and urban infrastructure, and the gateway image of the city is gradually clear. Nongmo Lake area (Ruili Complex Industrial Zone) is the main bearer of this responsibility.

Ruili Nongmo Lake Park

Industry | A collection of multiple industries

Driven by the "International Cultural and Sports Center" and the "central Avenue" of Mengmao Avenue, along with the gradual construction of many supporting facilities, the beautiful idea of the coordinated development of industry and city is being honored.

640 (5).jpg

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In the future, the tourist flow and employment population introduced by the International cultural and sports center will superimpose the tourist flow dividend of consumer shopping and exhibition style, which will stimulate the value of Nongmo Lake area to take off, and the industry + population will gather rapidly. Here, it will become the new highland of Ruili city map and development.

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