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Wanhao space structure benefits: cash rewards for outstanding employees who are innovative and enterprising

Apr. 02, 2021

  In the Wanhao Space Structure, there are a group of outstanding employees who work silently and continuously innovate and enterprising. Their hard work regardless of return, only to obtain the maximum benefit for the company. Among them, the network promotion specialist He Zizhong is such an outstanding employee.

  In the promotion of the company's Douyin account, he has continued to learn and innovate, which has brought a good number of broadcasts and fans to the company's Douyin account.

  In order to express its appreciation to outstanding employees, today, Wanhao issued a red envelope to He Zizhong as a reward.


  He Zizhong felt very happy to receive this award and expressed some of his thoughts.

  The hard work will be rewarded, and Wanhao will never treat every employee who works hard.

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