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2024 Start work, dragon everywhere, start a new journey!

Feb. 17, 2024

Law back to spring gradually, vientiane began to renew. The eighth day of the first month, start work! All Wanhao employees are full of energy and start the New Year!

Happy Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, we are about to start the New Year's work journey, the New Year, good luck.

In this dynamic moment, we must turn the joy and vitality of the Spring Festival into the power of work, and meet new challenges with full enthusiasm. We need to hold ourselves to a higher standard and face each task with a more solid working attitude. We must use our wisdom and sweat to write a new chapter and create new brilliance.

2024 Start work, dragon everywhere, start a new journey!

New Year new atmosphere, build up strength and start again. The Spring Festival holiday energy is full, the New Year set sail, our original heart does not change, forge ahead, and work together with you.

Wanhao Space Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. all staff has been prepared, we will be a new attitude, full of enthusiasm, to bring you better products and services, ready to welcome new and old customers to negotiate cooperation.

The journey of thousands of miles of wind is strong, heavy responsibility Qianjun again diligently hoof. In 2024, let us make a bold start, and join hands to welcome a successful start to the year.

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