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Ingenuity and persistence-70 years of sports building structure design

Oct. 21, 2020

  In 2023, the 18th AFC Asian Cup football match will be held in China. Recently, 10 professional football stadiums (including 2 remodeled stadiums and 8 newly built stadiums) in 10 professional football stadiums (including 2 renovated stadiums and 8 newly built stadiums) of the 2023 Asian Cup in China officially met with the public. Among the 8 newly built professional football stadiums for the Asian Cup, 3 stadiums (Chengdu Phoenix Mountain Sports Park, Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium and Qingdao Youth Football Stadium) are all designed by China State Construction Southwest Institute. The CCTV Sports Channel walked into the Southwest Institute of China State Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and made special reports on it.

  CCTV's "Football Night" special program "New Design, New Expectation" Exclusive interview with Li Feng, the chief designer of 3 new stadiums for the Asian Cup in China and the deputy chief architect of China State Construction Southwest Institute. How can the same team combine the characteristics of each city and use different design ideas to reflect the football field with its own unique symbolic sense? Li Feng, deputy chief architect of China Construction Southwest Institute, reveals the details of the design...

  The overall shape of the Chengdu Phoenix Mountain Sports Park project is more like Sichuan gaiwan tea, the football field is a tea cup, and the gymnasium is a tea cover. The exterior form of Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium adopts an overall image of revolving, gathering and rising, just like a flying dragon. Speaking of the design inspiration of Qingdao Youth Football Stadium, it comes from the ocean and the pulsating waves.

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  At the highest point of the Phoenix Mountain Football Stadium, an aerial club, Tianfu Club, has been innovatively added to connect the stadium and the 18,000-seat stadium into a whole, allowing you to view the stadium and the interior of the stadium at the same time. At Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium, we have built a home team super fan stand with more than 9,000 seats in the South Stand. This should be the largest home team super fan stand in China. We hope to form a home stadium similar to Westfalen Stadium. Atmosphere. Qingdao Youth Football Stadium, in order to enhance the ventilation of the stadium and provide a better view of the stadium, we have performed an interruption treatment on the upper layer of the north and south stands, making the north and south stands relatively independent and not connected to the surrounding east and west stands, which is displayed for fan groups. The giant TIFO, cheering, etc. provide a good stage.

  Phoenix Mountain Sports Park is one of the main venues for the 31st Summer Universiade, and the main venue for the 2023 Asian Cup. Phoenix Mountain Sports Park includes a 60,000 professional football field, a 18,000-seat comprehensive gymnasium, and a large number of theme commercial and urban green parks. From the air, the entire building of the Phoenix Mountain Sports Park looks like a bowl of tea in Sichuan. The football field is a tea bowl, the gymnasium is a tea cover, and the lower platform is a saucer. The tea cover is the sky, the saucer is the earth, and the tea bowl represents the harmony and unity of man, heaven, earth, and man.

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  Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium is an EPC engineering general contract project won by the China State Construction Southwest Institute and the China Construction Eighth Bureau Consortium. It is one of the venues for the Asian Cup in 2023 and the first professional football stadium in Chongqing. Chongqing Longxing Football Stadium has about 60,000 fixed seats, supporting plazas and parking lots. The design is derived from Chongqing's "hot lifestyle, red development momentum and fiery passion for football in the Asian Cup", with smooth curve elements that converge, rotate, and rise throughout the planning, landscape and architectural design. The strong momentum of its revolving upward, like a soaring dragon, entrusts the good wishes of Chinese football to take off and enter the world.

  Qingdao Youth Football Stadium includes a 50,000-seat professional football field, a multi-functional hall, a swimming training hall and supporting commercial facilities. The Qingdao Youth Football Stadium is designed with the concept of "jumping waves glorify Qingdao". The design inspiration comes from the sea, and the waves are inspired by the waves. The outer ring of the standard football field core is made of pulsating waves, just like sea breeze. Caress, shuttle up and down, elegant and dynamic.

  Seven ranks of Fenghua, China State Construction Southwest Institute and New China grow simultaneously, sports architecture design practice and reform and opening up go hand in hand, continue to develop across the country, and have achieved fruitful design results, and have completed more than 30 sports stadium designs. In the history of China State Construction Southwest Institute's 5 national prize award design projects, sports architecture has exclusive 2 seats (Chongqing Yuanjiagang Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Changzhou Sports Exhibition Center).

  In recent years, China State Construction Southwest Institute has combined the technical difficulties of the "large-span structure" of sports buildings to carry out technical research. A number of technical achievements such as non-closed spherical spatial steel reticulated shell structure and ellipsoidal cable-supported single-layer reticulated shell structure have filled the gap in the industry. , Are the first cases in the world. Relying on scientific research advantages, China State Construction Southwest Institute is committed to building a world-class stadium. In addition to three Asian Cup venues, it has successively designed Jiangsu Zhenjiang Sports Exhibition Center, Jiangsu Xuzhou Olympic Sports Center, Henan Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center, and Chengdu Dong'an Lake Sports Park. Such key projects have made positive contributions to the development of national sports.

This article is reproduced from: China State Construction Southwest Institute.

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