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Soft sculpture flower

Feb. 26, 2021

This large-scale space installation comes from the School of Design, Nanjing University of the Arts.

The work consists of 272 hollow stainless steel spheres as structural positioning nodes, which are welded with 703 stainless steel round tubes of different lengths and numbered to form a simple supporting structure system.

Soft sculpture flower

The triangular surface mesh formed by the structural system is obtained by subdividing and optimizing the special-shaped surface by the computer, and the triangular embedded surface uses translucent PVC film.

Soft sculpture flower

When the work is exposed to sunlight or cloudy sky, the viewer will get a completely different visual experience at different times and different viewing angles.

Soft sculpture flower

After the completion of this installation, it has been loved by viewers of different ages due to its artistically expressive visual form and the dreamlike spatial field formed by the surface of the daylight and colored shadows, and has become an iconic sharing on the campus. Art room.

Architectural Design: School of Design, Nanjing University of the Arts

Soft sculpture flower

Photographer: Chen Yusi

Soft sculpture flower

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