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Janoub Stadium for the Qatar World Cup

Nov. 21, 2022

Located in the south of Qatar, the Janoub Stadium will host seven matches during the World Cup, including the Qatar debut of defending champions France.

Janoub Stadium for the Qatar World Cup

Janoub Stadium for the Qatar World Cup

Al Janoub Stadium was designed by the late Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid. Located 23 kilometers from downtown Doha, the course is inspired by traditional sloop sailboats. The Janubu course pays homage to the maritime past of Volkla by combining tradition with modernity in a futuristic design.

Janoub Stadium for the Qatar World Cup

"Inspired by the city and surroundings of the course, Zaha Hadid decided to incorporate nautical elements into the design of the course," said the course's director of facilities Management. The Janubu course looks like a pearl from the outside and looks like a sloop from the inside."

Transportation to the stadium is very convenient, fans can drive private cars or take the subway to get to the stadium. Al Wakrah station, on the Red Line of the Doha Metro, is just 4.5km from Janubu Stadium, where fans can transfer to buses to get to the stadium on World Cup match days.

The Janubu Stadium can hold up to 40,000 spectators for a single match during the Qatar World Cup. After the Qatar World Cup, 20,000 seats in the upper deck of the Janubu Stadium will be donated to overseas football development projects. The reserved 20,000-seat stadium will be used for football or other sporting events.

Under the plan of the stadium inheritance, Janubu Stadium will become the sports center of the Walkla community. Other facilities such as bike paths and running tracks are being developed around the course. Other community facilities will continue to be developed around the stadium, including a mosque, multi-purpose indoor stadium, a school and wedding hall. The stadium will also be surrounded by a Janubu Park, a green space that combines leisure and children's play areas.

Janoub Stadium for the Qatar World Cup

The Janubu Stadium has received three sustainability certifications: A four-star certification for design and construction under the Global Sustainability Assessment System, and A Grade A certification for construction management, as well as a seasonal energy efficiency ratio certification for the energy center. The stadium's roof also reflects the idea of sustainability. The magnificent steel structure provides shade for parts of the court, which helps to improve the efficiency of the court's air cooling system.

The retractable roof of the stadium is made of PVC membrane, with a cable diameter of 55mm and a fully unfolded time of about 30 minutes. When it is unfurled, the roof acts like a sail, covering the top of the pitch, which creates a sheltered environment for football matches in the summer. Passive design principles, along with computer modeling and wind tunnel testing, allow the physical enclosure to be used to maximum effect to ensure the comfort of players and spectators.

Janoub Stadium for the Qatar World Cup

This article is reprinted from: Qatar 2022 World Cup Delivery and Inheritance Official

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