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Light control of ETFE membrane structure

Mar. 06, 2023

Membrane structure membrane material types are very many, such as ETFE is a more common membrane material, so what are the advantages of ETFE this membrane material? Why is it so widely used? Following Wanhao space structure to see the specific characteristics and advantages of ETFE membrane structure.

Light control of ETFE membrane structure

Light control of ETFE membrane structure

ETFE film material refers to the film made of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene copolymer, has the same light transmittance effect of glass, is safer and lighter than glass, more plastic and creative. The structure can be single-layer or multi-layer air-pillow. The multilayer structure of ETFE provides designers with a variety of shading design options and adjusts the visual transparency of the building envelope, thus achieving an indoor building environment with low energy consumption and integration with the natural environment.

1. Transparent peripheral protection system

Light control of ETFE membrane structure

ETFE air pillow has a high degree of transparency, the transparency of each film is 90-95%, and its transparency shows in most of the solar spectrum. It is widely used in the roofing system and facade decoration of all kinds of landmark buildings such as airports, high-speed railway stations, commercial squares, urban architecture landscape, etc., especially combined with the LED lighting effect, all kinds of structural facilities show infinite brilliance and brilliance.

2. Printing pattern peripheral protection system

Light control of ETFE membrane structure

ETFF film can be printed pattern, printed pattern can have a variety of forms, in order to meet the requirements of visual effects and shading, but also to maintain the transparency of the curtain wall, we can also be made into Mosaic pattern (replaceable), used for brand and advertising display.

3 kinds of peripheral protection forms

Light control of ETFE membrane structure

ETFE gas pillow can be processed into a variety of forms, color, transparency, density and gas pillow film can be made into a variety of forms, and the distance between the film layers can be adjusted to produce a variety of effects, film surface can be done some processing to enhance the projected light, color and image effect, so that the functional environment can be changed according to the requirements.

4 Functional design

Light control of ETFE membrane structure

ETFE air pillow can choose the design of projection or reflection of different spectral segments according to the demand, according to different functional requirements to filter UV and infrared, but also can use a variety of treatment methods to change the surface of the air pillow radioactive energy or emitting energy function.

With the improvement of economic level, people's pursuit of architecture will be higher and higher in the future. ETFF membrane structure has a very high sustainability, which can carry all kinds of creative inspiration of designers. The future development of ETFE membrane structure will appear more and more frequently in People's Daily life.

In short, the advantages of ETFF membrane material are very much, Wanhao has done projects also have a lot of excellent cases using ETFE membrane material, at the same time, the project effect is also recognized and liked by customers. In the future, Wanhao will continue to work deeply in the field of membrane architecture and bring more excellent landmark buildings to you.

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