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The perfect architectural system composed of membrane structure

Mar. 03, 2023

Membrane structure building is a building system formed by the perfect combination of membrane material and support structure. It is mainly made of high strength flexible film materials, such as ETFE, PTFE, PVDF, etc., combined with the support system to form a stable surface with a certain stiffness and can bear a certain external load. Due to a variety of advantages, the use of membrane materials in the field of construction is more and more wide, has penetrated into people's lives, the following is a brief introduction to the application range of membrane materials in construction.

01 Entertainment Space

The perfect architectural system composed of membrane structure

Longquan City stadium steel film structure project

In recent years, with the deepening of the concept of architectural space and the continuous improvement of scientific means, "returning to nature" and "bathing in nature" have become the mainstream of the development of modern architectural environment science. The line of sight of indoor and outdoor is more and more blurred, there are many indefinite Spaces, both inside and outside, mutual penetration, such as: courtyard, four seasons hall, botanical garden, gymnasium, cultural and entertainment places. Due to the light permeability of the membrane material, the sunlight can pass through the membrane material in the daytime to form a slow light, so that indoor and outdoor almost the same natural effect, so the membrane structure can create a space form with the natural environment.

02 Iconic sketch

The perfect architectural system composed of membrane structure

Shijiazhuang Southeast Zhihuicheng inverted umbrella ETFE membrane structure project

The buildings in the center of the city can reflect the geographical features and ethnic customs of the city, and at the same time, it is also a symbol of the degree of cultural development of the city. The establishment of landscape sketches has a wide range of readability, elegance and common appreciation, not only extraordinary artistic value, but also can make the public enjoy. Membrane structure is widely used in urban sketch design for its distinctive character and identity.

03 Green Walkway

The perfect architectural system composed of membrane structure

Shenzhen Longgang three pavilions and one city ETFE corridor membrane structure project

In densely populated big cities, especially in the surrounding areas where people gather in residential areas, green Spaces and pedestrian paths are allocated. Residents can not be affected by vehicles, in the vicinity of the residential area of the street area easy to walk, rest. In the green space to construct a membrane sketch, not only vivid beautify the environment, but also has a strong function.

04 Commercial Street

The perfect architectural system composed of membrane structure

Jiaxing Changan Li ETFE air pillow steel film structure ceiling project

Commercial streets occupy a large proportion in the city. The buildings and environment of commercial streets are the Windows of urban civilization, representing the level of material civilization and spiritual civilization. At the same time, they are also an important part of landscape environment. The membrane structure is light and chic with modern style, which is widely used in commercial street design.

05 Building Entrance

The perfect architectural system composed of membrane structure

Zunyi high-speed railway New City sky curtain membrane structure project

The building entrance is the adjacent interface between the urban public space and the building space, which becomes the component of the urban space. It is the first part of people's visual contact, therefore, in addition to the function, but also should have a strong identity, and can reflect the personality of the building, is an important part of the built environment and urban landscape. Due to the unique shape of membrane structure is incomparable to other structural types, it has become a form often used in building entrance in recent years.

06 Pedestrian street

The perfect architectural system composed of membrane structure

Hongshan 6979 Commercial Center project curtain wall steel membrane structure

The use of membrane structure light and chic shape to build a variety of semi-closed, fully closed walking space, so that it forms an all-weather building space, provide weatherproof, sun-proof and other artificial environment, and has a good signage, attracting customers is also quite significant, so it is the perfect choice for pedestrian street transformation and new.

07 Parking shed

The perfect architectural system composed of membrane structure

Ningbo University North Gate parking lot awning renovation and upgrading project

With the acceleration of urban modernization, the automobile has become an indispensable means of transportation in any city. Due to the rapid development of the automobile industry in China, the number of cars in cities has increased exponentially, but the urban construction planning has not been able to adapt to the development requirements as soon as possible, often there is no parking place for cars. Therefore, in the construction planning, we should fully consider the problem of parking lot, the construction of parking lot as an important part of urban modernization, becoming more and more important.

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