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Elements to be paid attention to in membrane structure architectural design

Mar. 20, 2023

What are the elements of membrane structure design? Membrane structure design how to choose membrane structure company? On these, I believe that friends who want to do membrane structure design want to know. Membrane structure building has beautiful and simple atmosphere, small footprint, unique design, good light transmittance, strong sense of sculpture and other characteristics, unique design of membrane structure building comparable to art, but in the membrane structure design and construction process, each step is required to be rigorous, from material design to processing, installation tension and maintenance after completion, and so on. The following talk about membrane structure architectural design need to pay attention to several elements.

Design element

1) The expression mode of membrane structure buildings is different from that of general buildings. In the design stage of building units, the compatibility and coordination of different expression modes should be fully taken into account, and the image characteristics of membrane structure building technology should be used to guide the situation. Membrane structure design should be jointly completed by architects and membrane structure engineers. In the design of membrane structure, we should first consider the particularity of membrane structure system, and create a membrane structure with perfect form and reasonable structure from the perspective of building function and structural mechanical performance.

Elements to be paid attention to in membrane structure architectural design

2) film structure design, countries for the film fire rating and fire requirements are different. Generally speaking, fire resistance grade is directly related to material price. When conditions should be as far as possible to use non-combustible film material. When permanent buildings are made of flame retardant membrane materials, necessary fire prevention measures should be taken according to the requirements of the local fire department.

3) Membrane materials used in structural buildings generally have light transmission characteristics. Due to the action of diffused light, the space covered by the membrane material will present special optical effect (with obvious light sensation but no shadow), which should be made reasonable use of in the design of the membrane structure. The reduction of transmittance should be taken into account when double-layer membrane is used.

Elements to be paid attention to in membrane structure architectural design

4) The thermal insulation performance of membrane structure buildings is poor. Currently, the membrane material which has been widely used can not isolate itself from the influence of external temperature. Monolayer structure is only suitable for open buildings or temperate climates. For closed buildings, attention should be paid to the use of other structural ways to solve the problem of thermal insulation. The double-layer membrane structure can better meet the requirements of heat preservation and heat insulation. The air isolation layer between the two layers is generally about 30cm, but attention should be paid to the problem of condensation inside the double-layer membrane.

5) Membrane structure building should have enough slope to solve drainage problems and prevent snow. Roof drainage problems should be paid attention to in the membrane structure design phase to prevent major engineering hazards. When taking organized drainage, attention should be paid to the building wall or ground pollution prevention measures.

Elements to be paid attention to in membrane structure architectural design

6) From the point of view of the past accidents of air supporting membrane structure, most of them are in strong winds or heavy snow, the membrane structure produces large deformation and the internal or external objects of the membrane material collide, and the membrane material is damaged at the contact point, resulting in the destruction of the membrane structure. Therefore, film material and internal, external objects should maintain a certain distance, even in the most unfavorable conditions should not contact. In addition, if the object has sharp Angle, acute Angle, should also be protected.

After understanding the elements of membrane structure design, we will look at how to select the membrane structure design and construction company.

1) Independent plant

Ningbo Wanhao Space Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, the existing plant area of more than 30 mu, with membrane material processing workshop, testing workshop, steel structure finishing workshop, under construction of the new production base is located in Zhejiang Shangyu City, covers an area of more than 50 mu.

Elements to be paid attention to in membrane structure architectural design

2) Industry qualification

Wanhao is a member of China Steel Structure and Space Structure Association. It has the first-class qualification of membrane structure general contracting, first-class qualification of curtain wall engineering and second-class qualification of steel structure engineering professional contracting. It is an excellent space mechanism technical construction enterprise in China.

3) Quality team

Wanhao has the industry's advanced design software, technical team and precision processing and production equipment, and has rich experience in design and construction, is committed to providing customers with high efficiency, high quality and value of products and services, focusing on the space structure, membrane structure, shaped curtain wall, sky curtain design consulting and manufacturing and installation services.

4) Project case

Wanhao construction projects all over the world, since the establishment of the company has completed nearly a thousand projects, recognized and praised by the owners, the current construction projects as many as dozens, rich industry experience, welcome people from all walks of life to consult and cooperate!

The above is the membrane structure design elements which pay attention to the first level membrane structure design how to choose the membrane structure company in detail, hope to help you. If you have any other questions about membrane structure, please contact Wanhao. Wanhao, a professional membrane structure company, will give you a satisfactory answer,

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