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What is ETFE Bubble Film? What are the advantages of ETFE bubble film?

Mar. 22, 2023

What is ETFE Bubble Film? What are the advantages of ETFE bubble film? Regarding these issues, I believe that friends who want to understand the structure of ETFE membranes want to know. Today, Wanhao membrane structure to take you to understand.

What is ETFE Bubble Film? What are the advantages of ETFE bubble film?cid=23

ETFE bubble film, also known as ETFE gas pillow film, is made of ETFE (ethylene - tetrafluoroethylene copolymer) raw material directly made of double-layer inflatable film structure, the outer layer with ETFE anti rain and snow anti UV, the inner layer can use PTFE to achieve the purpose of heat preservation, anti condensation, sound insulation and light effect. With the successful research and development of ETFE film material, with its light weight, light transmission, heat insulation, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, self-cleaning and other good performance and is widely used. ETFE film is a non-fabric film, compared with the fabric film of its single film tensile strength is low, usually used in the construction of cable film structure, or the form of air pillow. The air pillow form is a plurality of ETFE film material common force, and through the internal pressure to make it has a suitable stiffness, the resulting ETFE bubble film structure has good mechanical properties and performance, gradually has been widely developed and has a good prospect.

What is ETFE Bubble Film? What are the advantages of ETFE bubble film?cid=23

In the development of The Times, and the study of ETFE bubble film is also ongoing, through the adjustment of internal pressure, change its mechanical properties, light transmittance, heat insulation performance, at the same time, the development of ETFE bubble film, performance, design methods and construction technology were studied and summarized, summarized the domestic and foreign scholars on the ETFE bubble film research status, has a certain guiding significance for engineering practice.

What is ETFE Bubble Film? What are the advantages of ETFE bubble film?cid=23

The process of heat transfer in ETFE bubbles is very complex, including many physical phenomena: conduction, convection, radiation, surface emissivity and heat loss. These parameters are directly related to the tightness of the bubble and the use of shading facilities. The parameters restrict each other and affect the overall performance of the structure. ETFE itself is also a good insulation material. In cold weather, even with the same U-value (thermal conductivity), the ambient comfort of the bubble is better than that of glass, because the inner membrane of ETFE bubble film is closer to room temperature than the inner layer of double glass. In general, ETFE bubble film has better thermal insulation performance than sealed glass, both on the surface of the material and the sealing edge.

Each layer of ETFE Bubble film can be customized individually. In order to make the membrane material can be used in a wider range, by adding chemical colorants in some layers or layer by layer membrane surface, or printing patterns on the surface of the membrane material, the radiation amount of the membrane surface can be controlled to achieve the effect of shading. Similarly, printed patterns are used to reduce the radiation coefficient of a material's surface, or the ability of the material itself to absorb or radiate energy.

There are also attempts to incorporate metal fillings into membrane products, following the glass-making process. However, the radiation coefficient of the material has a limited effect on the overall insulation performance of the ETFE bubble film. Unlike the sealed glass, the volume is the dominant factor affecting the insulation performance of the air pillow system. Because the film is so thin, the temperature of the ETFE film is basically the same as the ambient temperature, unlike glass, which warms up as it absorbs radiation, so the material's own ability to absorb or radiate energy is not critical. In addition to the energy exchange on the material, due to the energy loss caused by gas leakage can be ignored, air pillow membrane structure connecting members can effectively avoid air leakage, at the same time, the number of members is small, resulting in energy saving benefits equivalent to 3~4 times of glass.

What is ETFE Bubble Film? What are the advantages of ETFE bubble film?cid=23

An active monitoring system is usually included in ETFE bubble wrap, which provides real-time information to the local air pillow pressure, local weather conditions, temperature, humidity levels, and any faults in system operation through remote monitoring. In the event of a problem, the remote access control system is available to assist with on-site updates and pressure adjustments within a range.

The above is what is ETFE bubble film and a detailed introduction to the advantages of ETFE bubble film, I hope to help you. If you have any other questions about ETFE membrane structure, please contact Wanhao for consultation. Wanhao, a professional membrane structure company, will be able to give you a satisfactory answer.

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