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Installation Method of Large-Span and Spatial Steel Structure

Oct. 12, 2020

The space steel structures supplier shares this article for you.

1. Sliding method

In the installation process of large-span and custom space steel structures, if there is a problem with the construction directly on the location of the building, the sliding construction method is an effective solution.

The slipping method can generally be divided into two types: structural slipping method and supporting the slipping method.

Structure slip method: The basic idea is to assemble the whole (or part) of the structure first in a site with assembly conditions, and then use the slip system to move the whole to the design position.

Support sliding method: It is to set up a supporting frame on the design foundation of the structure to provide a support and operation platform for the structure to be installed in situ. After the part of the structure is installed, the supporting sliding will be separated from the installed structure. This creates conditions for the in-situ installation of adjacent structures, and the cycle continues until the overall installation of the structure is completed.

Custom Space Steel Structures

Custom Space Steel Structures

2. The overall improvement installation method

The overall lifting installation method is an installation method in which the structure to be installed is assembled on the ground or at a suitable floor projection position, and then the "lifting system" is used to raise the overall formed structure to the design elevation. This method is suitable when the large-span steel structure has a high height, which is not conducive to erecting the supporting tire frame and the lifting steel structure has a regular shape. The overall lifting construction method is more suitable.

3. Unsupported installation method of large-span cantilever steel structure

The so-called unsupported installation method of large-span cantilevered steel structure is based on the rigidity of the cantilevered steel structure body under the condition that no supporting mechanism is installed, and the installation of high-altitude loose parts is carried out by hoisting machinery, which adopts gradual extension and staged installation. Way of construction. Compared with the high-altitude in-situ installation method, although this method is also implemented near the high-altitude in-situ installation because there is no temporary support mechanism at all, the construction measures are few and the construction process is simple (no unloading). It is suitable for cantilever steel structure with large rigidity, good stability, and high height.

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