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Gas Membrane Nucleic Acid Testing Room Appeared in Daxing Sports Center

Jun. 22, 2020

In the sports center of Daxing District, three groups of professional laboratory for membrane-type nucleic acid detection will start trial operation on June 22, and can test more than 10,000 samples per day, further improving the city's nucleic acid detection capability.

Gas membrane nucleic acid testing room appeared in Daxing Sports Center

On the afternoon of June 21, the reporter came to the site under intense construction. Nine white gas film silos with a height of 3 meters and an area of 65 square meters are divided into three groups according to the experimental procedure, and the staff is finally commissioning the internal equipment.

Three days ago, it was still a basketball court. Compared with traditional laboratories, the construction of gas-membrane-type membrane structure laboratories is much faster. It takes only 50 minutes to fill a gas-membrane warehouse. "The warehouse uses a modular layout, and the equipment can be directly assembled. Subsequent development has reserved space to achieve customized upgrades." The person in charge said that when the epidemic dissipated, the three groups of gas membrane laboratories could be withdrawn within half a day and quickly restore the original appearance of the site.

The testing speed of these three groups of laboratories is also very fast. Inside a gas membrane silo, the reporter saw seven domestic-made fully automatic nucleic acid extraction equipment. Under the debugging of the technicians, the tray on the equipment cooperated with the test tubes to simulate the operation of medical personnel to extract nucleic acids. The device can extract 96 samples at a time, which is hundreds of times more efficient than manual operation.

The reporter saw that the division of labor among the three gas film warehouses in each group of laboratories was clear. The sample receiving area, reagent preparation area, sample preparation area, and amplification area are set up, and auxiliary conversion spaces such as air lock conversion, medical waste outlet, and dressing room are equipped.

A one-way connection window is installed between the gas film bins. The staff on one side puts the sample in the window and closes the window. The person on the other side can open the window and take it away. The laboratory is designed in strict accordance with the standards of the second-level biosafety laboratory. The protection level of each warehouse is different. The one-way connection window is used for the standard operation to avoid contact and prevent cross-infection.

Gas membrane nucleic acid testing room appeared in Daxing Sports Center

In addition, the laboratory also uses the innovative design of the fresh air system and high-efficiency filtration system to filter the inlet and outlet air of each functional area to ensure that each functional space is independent of each other, while ensuring the cleanliness of the laboratory’s outward discharge to meet the Relevant standards and guidelines for clinical genetic amplification testing laboratories and virus testing laboratories.

It is understood that in addition to Daxing, Xicheng will also build a professional laboratory of gas membrane nucleic acid detection with the same grade standard to quickly improve the city's nucleic acid detection capabilities.

This article is reproduced from: Beijing Daily Client

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