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Typical Application of Etfe Membrane Structure

Jun. 19, 2020

As ETFE is accepted and recognized by more and more people, the compound annual growth rate of China's ETFE demand is as high as 9.56%. So what are the application fields of such a rapidly growing demand for fluoroplastics?


Wire and Cable

ETFE is usually used to make the insulation layer of special wire and cable. In the case of cable membrane structure project, ordinary fluoroplastics include PTFE, PFA, and FEP. In addition to insufficient mechanical strength, the weakest point is the radiation resistance The illuminating performance is poor, and ETFE is an important material for the production of insulated wires and cables in the aerospace field due to its unique characteristics of high mechanical strength, small relative density, and resistance to radiation.



Membrane structure building is a brand-new structure form using new materials developed in recent decades. Because of its unique advantages, it has become a unique one in the construction industry. ETFE architectural membrane as an emerging membrane with membrane structure will become the main force in my country's architectural membrane market due to its superior material properties.

In my country, the most famous application example of ETFE in China membrane architecture design is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium—Water Cube. There are more than 3,000 large "air pillows" on the walls around the Water Cube Swimming Pool, and the total area using ETFE film reaches 260,000 square meters.

ETFE membrane material has the characteristics of ultra-thin thickness, extremely light quality, high light transmittance, excellent self-cleaning, etc. It can be used in a single layer, double or multi-layer inflatable use.

Due to the low tension of the ETFE membrane structure, the initial state requires relatively little reaction force for the steel framework, which can not only meet the requirements of large-span units but also meet the designer’s requirements within a reasonable range. For the fullness of the air pillow unit, And the shape of the air pillow unit is designed differently. It can be said that to a certain extent, the membrane structure composed of ETFE membrane materials has reached the functions of other traditional building materials such as thermal insulation, lighting, and energy-saving, or has better performance, so it is more and more recognized by people And accept.

Cable Membrane Structure Project,

Cable Membrane Structure Project



ETFE film was originally mainly used as an agricultural greenhouse covering material. Because ETFE has the permeability of full-band optical fiber, it is particularly conducive to plant infrared absorption and offsets the low-temperature radiation at night, which perfectly meets the requirements of greenhouse covering materials. In addition, the traditional PVC film has poor weather resistance, short service life, and frequent replacement, and ETFE film can maintain transparency for 10 years, so it is a more environmentally friendly and labor-saving choice.




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