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What Are the Main Contents of Etfe Membrane Structure Design?

Oct. 26, 2020

The design of ETFE film is a deep knowledge. The seemingly plain design process often contains a lot of complicated calculations and preparations behind it.

1. Initial state analysis

Using ANSYS general finite element software and APDL language to program according to the actual situation, the simulation of the initial form of the membrane structure was completed, and the feasibility of the method was studied and experimented, and breakthrough results were obtained. On this basis, the initial morphology of the air pillow ETFE membrane structure was analyzed, and the calculation results were discussed. Some useful explorations have been made in theory for the design of ETFE air pillow membrane structure. To ensure that a three-dimensional balanced surface with stable shape and uniform stress distribution is generated, and can resist various possible load conditions; this is a process of repeated corrections.2. Load state analysis

Tension membrane itself is very light, only 1/5 of steel structure, 1/40 of concrete structure; therefore ETFE membrane structure has good adaptability to seismic forces, but more sensitive to the effect of wind. In addition, the effects of snow load and live load must be considered. Due to the lack of observational data at present, the design of membrane structure usually adopts the safety factor method.

Etfe Film

Etfe Film

3. The main structure

Determination of component size and finite element analysis of supporting structure. When the design method of the support structure is different from that of the membrane structure, attention should be paid to the conversion of coefficients between different design methods.

4. Connection design

Professional customization includes bolts, welds and minor component sizes according to customer needs. For various connection details between single-layer ETFE and double-layer (multi-layer) ETFE membrane materials and steel structures and steel cables in engineering applications, it can be used as a reference for future actual engineering use.

5. Tailoring design

This process should have the necessary test data, including the Young's modulus and the trimming compensation value of the selected membrane material (which should be determined by a biaxial tensile test).

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