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【Anchor in the Sea】

Jul. 27, 2020

Recently, as the last groove section of the west anchorage connecting wall of the Lingdingyang Bridge in the Shenzhong Passage successfully completed the concrete pouring construction, the west anchorage connecting wall retaining structure was declared complete. The West Anchorage of Lingdingyang Bridge is currently the world's largest submarine anchorage, with an area equivalent to the size of 17 basketball courts.

【Anchor in the Sea】

After the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, the Shenzhen-China Passage is another world super project that integrates "bridges, islands, tunnels, and underground connections". As a major national engineering project, the Shenzhen-China Corridor is of great strategic significance for improving the national expressway network, advancing the industrial interconnection on both sides of the Pearl River, and accelerating the integration and development of urban agglomerations in the Greater Bay Area.

【Anchor in the Sea】

S04 standard cofferdam uses 5*187 parallel steel wire cables. A ring is formed through the connection of the cable and the supporting device to firmly fix the cofferdam to prevent cracking; the application of the cable to the cofferdam structure is also the first application. Its role is to cut off the water source and the role and effect of retaining the soil is very ideal. The materials used are: clay soil stone cofferdam, woven bag sand surrounding weir, pine pile cofferdam, cement jet grouting pile cofferdam, steel plate All construction methods and measures such as pile cofferdam, cofferdam is generally demolished after use up.

【Anchor in the Sea】

At present, the construction of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage Project is progressing smoothly. The construction of the tower column of the west main tower of Lingdingyang Bridge has been fully launched. The construction of the sixth section of the left panel and the fourth section of the right panel has been completed. The concrete pouring construction of the bottom seal has been completed; the right foundation pit of the west anchorage has entered the process conversion ahead of schedule, and the cap beam construction is in progress; the west approach bridge has completed 10 pile caps and a total of 276.9-meter pier construction.

【Anchor in the Sea】

Source of this article: Juli Rigging Co., Ltd.

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