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Membrane Structure Awning Protects You from Wind and Rain

Jul. 24, 2020

Commercial Membrane Structure

The membrane structure is a new type of architectural structure developed in the middle of the 20th century. It breaks the model of pure linear architectural style. With its unique beautiful curved shape, the combination of simplicity, liveliness, rigidity and softness, strength, and beauty gives people The refreshing feeling also provides the architect with greater imagination and creative space. Membrane structure has a strong sense of the times and representativeness. It is a multidisciplinary cross-application engineering integrating architecture, structural mechanics, fine chemical engineering, material science, and computer technology. It has high technical content and artistic appeal. Its curved surface Can be arbitrarily changed with the architect's design needs. Combined with the overall environment, a landmark image project has been constructed, which is highly practical and has a wide range of applications. In the scorching summer, the membrane structure awning brings shade to pedestrians and becomes a beautiful landscape in the city. The membrane structure manufacturer will take you into the magical world of membrane structure!

Classification of membrane structure

1. Inflatable cable membrane structure

The inflatable cable membrane structure relies on the air pressure difference between the inside and outside of the membrane surface to maintain the shape of the membrane surface. This kind of cable-membrane structure has a relatively long history. The representative building is the American Pavilion of the Osaka International Exposition in 1970, which marked the beginning of the cable-membrane structure.

Advantages: the cost of the inflatable cable membrane system is relatively low, and the construction speed is fast.

Disadvantages: There are obvious limitations in the functions used (such as a single image, air-closed space requirements, etc.), which is only suitable for specific conditions and has a narrow application range.

2. Tensile cable membrane structure

The tensile cable and membrane structure forms a stable curved surface to cover the building space through the joint force of steel cables and membrane materials. The curved surface of the middle membrane maintains its shape through prestressing. The membrane is both a building's enclosure and a structure to resist external load effects. , Tensile cable-membrane structure can be divided into cable-net type, ridge-valley type, etc. Such a cable-membrane structure can be described as the essence and representative of cable-membrane architecture.

Advantages: The application of this structure is extremely wide. Its architectural image has multi-faceted plasticity, its structural form is highly flexible and adaptable, its architectural system is expressive, and its structural performance is strong.

Disadvantages: slightly higher cost, higher construction accuracy requirements.

3. Skeleton cable membrane structure

The skeleton-type cable-membrane structure covers the building space by supporting the membrane body through its own stable framework system, and the framework system determines the building shape and membrane body as the covering. The 1996 Atlanta Olympics main stadium (Georgia dome) is a typical project of this type of structure.

Advantages: The architectural performance of the skeleton type cable-membrane system is implicit, and the combined use of the skeleton form and the tension-type can achieve a more varied architectural effect; the cost is lower than the tension-type system.

Disadvantages: The structural form itself has limitations (the framework system is self-balancing, the membrane body is only an auxiliary, and the strength of the membrane body is insufficient, etc.) can only be used in specific buildings.

Membrane structure characteristics

1. Strange plastic arts

The weight is light, the support method is flexible, the curved surface is beautiful, the shape is varied, the shape has a sense of tension and sculpture, and the architectural form has a modern flavor. The unique shape combined with the lighting produces a gorgeous night effect with high recognition, which increases the commercial effect.

2. Energy-saving and environmental protection

High strength, low consumption of supporting system construction materials, non-toxic and harmless membrane materials, long service life, high light transmittance, low energy consumption, and soft diffuse reflection light. The large internal space of the building increases the effective use area.

3. Good mechanical properties

Natural tension in appearance, stable structure, and low usage rate of beams and columns.

4. Anti-aging, anti-freezing, anti-rain, anti-compression, fire-proof, anti-seismic

It has high flame retardancy, high-temperature resistance, flexible structural support, large flexibility, and can offset strong lateral loads.

5. Strong self-cleaning ability

It is self-cleaning by natural wind and rain washing, without manual cleaning and maintenance, which can ensure the beauty and light transmittance of the film.

6. Short construction period and good economic performance

Large-scale production of membrane materials and steel materials, processed in the factory and sent to the site for installation, saves on-site construction time, shortens the entire construction cycle, and saves a lot of wages.

7. Wide range of applications

The construction method is flexible and widely used, ranging from park umbrellas to tens of thousands of square meters of stadium roofs, which can be used as temporary buildings or can be built into permanent buildings, suitable for various climates and various scenarios, such as stadiums, commercial roofs, Corridor and corridor awning, park square landscape, toll station, sewage pond anti-hanging membrane, coal yard membrane structure closed.

Application scope of membrane architecture

1. Sports facilities

Stadium membrane structure engineering, stadium membrane structure, fitness center membrane structure, natatorium membrane structure, tennis hall membrane structure, training center membrane structure, golf course membrane structure, etc.

2. Commercial facilities

Commercial Membrane Structure, Shopping Mall Membrane Structure, Hotel Membrane Structure, Restaurant Membrane Structure, Store Door Tension Membrane Structure, Commercial Street Membrane Structure, etc.

3. Cultural facilities

Exhibition center membrane structure, theater membrane structure, conference hall membrane structure, museum membrane structure, botanical garden membrane structure, aquarium membrane structure, tourist area membrane structure, stage membrane structure, music square membrane structure, etc.

4. Transportation facilities

Membrane structures such as airport membrane structure, railway station membrane structure, bus station membrane structure, toll station membrane structure, terminal tensile membrane structure, gas station membrane structure, parking lot, etc.

5. Industrial facilities

Factory membrane structure, processing center tensile membrane structure, greenhouse membrane structure, logistics center membrane structure, large carport tensile membrane structure, etc.

6. Landscape facilities

Membrane structure for building entrance, iconic small product membrane structure, pedestrian street membrane structure, real estate company tensile membrane structure, residential garden tensile membrane structure, etc.

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