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【Crystal Prince】 — Ultra-white glass

Mar. 22, 2021

The glass bricks, tempered glass, frosted glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, U-shaped glass, etc. that we usually know are not very different in essence. Tempering, frosting, laminating, etc. are different processing methods for the secondary processing of glass, which show different performance and visual effects, but the essence of ultra-white glass is very different from ordinary glass.

Ultra-white glass, also known as low-iron glass and high-transparency glass, has the characteristics of crystal clear, high-grade and elegant. It is known as the "Crystal Prince" of the glass family and represents the peak of contemporary glass production technology.


【Visual effects】

Generally, glass contains a certain amount of iron compounds, which will cause different degrees of green visual effects. The content of iron compounds in ultra-white glass is 10% or less of ordinary glass, and has appearance characteristics similar to colorless crystals.

Comparison of ultra-white glass and ordinary glass

640.webp (1).jpg

【Optical performance】

1. Generally, the light transmittance of ordinary glass is about 80%, and the light transmittance of ultra-white glass is above 91.5%.

2. Compared with ordinary glass, ultra-white glass has lower absorption in the ultraviolet band, which can effectively reduce the passage of ultraviolet rays, and reduce the harm of ultraviolet rays while having high light transmittance.

3. The high light transmittance also reduces the light refraction and reflection. While reducing light pollution, the objects between the inside and outside of the ultra-white glass will not produce chromatic aberration and deformation, which increases the authenticity.

4. After the special anti-reflection treatment on one or both sides of the ultra-white glass, the reflectance can be reduced to about 1%, and the light transmittance can be increased to more than 98% again, and the visual effect is almost transparent.

Anti-reflective ultra-white glass in the photo museum

640.webp (2).jpg

640.webp (3).jpg

【Physical properties】

Ultra-clear glass generally contains less impurities, has a more uniform composition than ordinary glass, and is more stable in physical properties than ordinary glass. The self-explosion rate of ultra-white glass after tempering is about one ten thousandths compared with three-thousandths of ordinary tempered glass, which greatly improves the safety.

640.webp (4).jpg

Tempered glass after self-explosion


Ultra-white glass has relatively high technological content, difficult production control, and relatively strong profitability compared to ordinary glass. Higher quality determines its expensive price. The price of ultra-white glass is about 5 times that of ordinary glass, and the cost is about twice that of ordinary glass, but the technical barriers are relatively high and it has a higher added value.

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This article is reproduced from the public account: Construction Week

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