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Why Is the Membrane Structure so Reused?

Nov. 09, 2020

Membrane architecture is a kind of green environmental protection material. In recent years, membrane structure materials have been fully used in the construction industry. Membrane structure companies maximize the performance of membrane materials, and the country’s sustainable development needs green materials to boost it.

1. Transparency: Translucency is the most significant feature of the film structure. Compared with other materials, it has significant advantages in terms of beauty or operation; it scatters light, eliminates glare, and can spread light. The ground diffuses to its internal space; the internal coating of the material has a high reflectivity, which can maintain the indoor lighting effect at night; the surface shines under the backlight at night; natural lighting saves energy.

2. Energy saving: The membrane structure is beautiful in appearance, and at the same time it creates a natural light environment for people. Compared with glass materials, it greatly reduces the heat transfer, and compared with opaque materials, it reduces the electricity consumption for indoor lighting. , The impact of the use of membrane structures on energy issues: in tropical areas, the electricity consumption of air conditioning and refrigeration is reduced; in cold areas, the electricity consumption of indoor heating equipment is increased.

3. Acoustic effect: Architectural acoustics are mainly 1. Exclude external noise 2. Absorb the membrane material of the indoor echo membrane structure, which can allow the indoor low-frequency noise of 0-60HZ to pass through. Large area and higher special needs can be used The special inner membrane material absorb noise; of course, the membrane material has a limited ability to reduce and block external noise. Therefore, when the external noise insulation requirements are high, it needs to be customized according to needs.

4. Fire protection: Membrane material fully meets the requirements of fire protection regulations. Therefore, the membrane structure is suitable for any kind of building under the permission of height and clearance. Usually, the automatic fire extinguishing system is suitable for the membrane material. The fire protection design should be considered in general.

5. Durability: According to the difference of membrane material base material and surface coating, membrane material life is divided into several grades: 10 years, 15-20 years and permanent architectural membrane materials.

Design: Complete combination of structure and building, form-finding to ensure the static balance of the system; nonlinear stress analysis and large displacement; reciprocal hyperboloids for form-finding of membrane structure; suitable for wind and snow loads in different regions.

Membrane Construction

Membrane Construction

The membrane structure is so reused for a reason. Membrane construction is a structural system that perfectly combines architecture and structure. It uses a high-strength flexible film material combined with a support system to form a stable curved surface with a certain rigidity, and it can withstand a certain external load. It has the advantages of free and light shape, flame retardant, easy production, quick installation, energy-saving, easy to use, and safe.

According to professionals, due to the strong tension of the membrane structure, there is no need for steel support in a large distance, which can save a lot of material. The membrane material used in the membrane structure building has strong flame retardancy and high-temperature resistance, so it has good fire resistance. Since the membrane structure is light in weight, flexible structure, and has greater deformation capacity, it has good seismic performance.

The construction period of the membrane structure is short, and the membrane material is easy to cut. The steel structure and steel cables of the assembled and framed structures are all processed in the factory, and only need to be assembled on site. The construction is simple and the construction period is shorter than that of traditional buildings.

Any country must adhere to a green and environmentally friendly sustainable development strategy. The future development prospects of eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly membrane structure materials are unpredictable, or there will be a broader world.

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